DAL Show & Meeting 6th edition


We cordially invite you to visit our 6 Meeting of Dogo Argentino Lovers powered by TropiDog – with Sanyi Mészáros Viento Verrano.
Judge on the show is: Sanyi Mészáros, a longtime breeder and owner of the Viento Verrano kennel from Hungary!
More than 41 dogos have already been confirmed!

What will happen?


*Opening of the DAL meeting
*Training Workshop with Kimi Ka
*Training with Beata Wilk
*Dogo Argentino Speed Race


*Trainings with Beata Ryl and Beata Wilk
*Dogo Argentino work demonstration with Lubomir Oslanec
*Campfire Lecture on the breed with Lubomir Oslanec


*Opening of the Show DOGO ARGENTINO LOVERS SHOW!(cropped ears allowed, no FCI show)
*BH, IPG, PT exams under the aegis of the ZKwP (FCI) Poland* - Beata Ryl
*Training with Lubomir Oslanec
*Gala dinner


*Communication with dogs - workshops and lecture with Wojtek Radomiak, TalkingDogs.pl
*DAL closing ceremony


Dogo Argentino Lovers SHOW:

1st dog: PLN100 – EUR25

2nd dog: PLN80 – EUR20

3rd and next dogs: PLN60 – EUR15

Breeding group: PLN50 – EUR13

Pair: PLN50 – EUR13

All dogs registered with the FCI / ZKwP can participate.

Cropped ears allowed!


All trainings + Quiz + Dogo Argentino Speed Race – PLN 500 / EUR 125 for 1 dog – no free slots – you can register on waiting list

Fireplace PLN 50 / EUR 13 per person

Gala dinner PLN 150 / EUR 40 per person

Accommodation with breakfast: PLN 100 per person / EUR 20

PT test PLN120 (payment to the account of the FCI)

IGP exam PLN250 (payment to the account of the FCI)

FH PLN 150

Tests PLN 120

At our disposal will be the Złoty Jeleń center, adjacent to a beautiful lake. * BH and / or PT exam will be organized provided that the minimum number of people required by the Polish Kennel Club is registered. To take the ZKwP/FCI exams, it is also necessary to have a start book (to be purchased at the ZKwP) and a proof of payment of the membership fee for a given calendar year.

We can’t wait to meet you there!